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Index of Expertises on the Scientology Religion
Scientology: A Comparison with Religions of The East and West

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Elementals New Age Link Directory
Beliefnet: Scientology Reference Links
Center for Studies on New Religions: Scientology Articles and Documents
Foundation for Religious Freedom: Religion Links

Church of Scientology Resources:
David Miscavige: Scientology 2000: The First 50 Years
David Miscavige: Presentation - This is Scientology
Mr. David Miscavige in Madrid
Mr. David Miscavige in New York
Mr. David Miscavige in San Francisco
Church of Scientology Brisbane, Australia
Fighting for the Rights of Others - Scientology Effective Solutions
Church of Scientology Tampa, Florida
Church of Scientology of Toronto, Canada
Church of Scientology of Pasadena: What is Scientology Philosophy?
Counseling that Works: Scientology Resources
Harry Wong: Favorite Scientology Sites
More Scientology Resources
Nonesuch: Scientology Information Page
A Volunteer Minister's Favorite Scientology Sites

Other Religious Directories:
All Things Spiritual: Scientology Directory Scientology in Los Angeles
Foundation for Religious Freedom: Information on Religions
Body, Mind, Spirit Directory
Ananzi: Religion Index
Electric LA: Religion and Philosophy Sites
Cult Awareness Network: Factual Information on Religions

Scientology in the News:
Tom and Scientology on AccessHollywood
For tsunami survivors, a touch of Scientology
Actor Tom Cruise Opens Up about his Beliefs in the Church of Scientology
Tom Cruise says Holmes 'digs' Scientology
Katie Holmes Embracing Scientology
David Miscavige, Master of Ceremonies - Annual Tribute Draws Record Numbers
Article on David Miscavige

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