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Church of Scientology of Tokyo.

Class V churches minister beginning and intermediate religious services and have the authority to train and ordain ministers. These churches are so named because the highest level of training they provide is designated “Class V” within the progression of Scientology religious services. Class V churches generally are much larger than field groups and missions, and therefore act as the hub for their community of Scientologists. They are a place where Scientologists from all walks of life can gather to share common experiences. Scientologists attend their churches to participate in auditing and training as well as Sunday services, weddings, funerals and naming services, regular Friday evening gatherings and the celebration of Scientology holidays. Some churches, called Celebrity Centres, have congregations composed primarily of artists, professionals or community leaders, although, like all other Class V churches, their doors are open to anyone.

Scientology churches are sustained through the contributions of their parishioners. They are supported by the donations their parishioners make in order to participate in specific religious services. These donations are used exclusively to advance the religious, charitable and other public benefit activities that churches of Scientology carry out.

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