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The ecclesiastical hierarchy of Scientology is made up of hundreds of churches and missions (the smallest churches of the religion), which minister Scientology religious services to their parishioners. There are also churches across the world that provide ecclesiastical management and support services to other churches. Individual churches are housed in their own distinct non-profit corporations or associations, which provide a legal framework from which to conduct their day-to-day affairs in relation to the secular society.

The Church of Scientology International is the Mother Church of the Scientology religion. As such, it is the most senior ecclesiastical management body for the religion throughout the world.

Church of Scientology International’s primary function is to coordinate the activities of the churches, missions and field ministers which form the hierarchy, and to ensure they are working in harmony toward Scientology’s ultimate goal of creating a better civilization.

The Mother Church furthers this religious purpose by guiding, supporting and coordinating activities throughout the hierarchy on matters concerning the ministry of religious services, training of clergy and other staff, dissemination and ecclesiastical administration as well as social betterment activities.

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